International Open Chess Tournament 2015, Avicenna Cup


12th International Open Chess Tournament 2015 , Avicenna Cup

2-9 September, Hamedan


 1−The games will start on the evening of Wednesday 2nd September, 2015 at 17:00

 2−Make sure you keep a copy of your sports accident insurance and your membership card of the Comprehensive System of Chess Federation of Iran

 3−The tournament will be played according to the FIDE laws of chess

Note:  The game is lost by a player who arrives at the chessboard more than 30 minutes late

  4−The tournament will be played according to the Swiss System in 9 or 11 rounds

 5−The time control for each game will be 90 minutes for the whole game with an increment of 30 seconds per move. The time control for the Blitz will be 3 minutes for the whole game with an increment of 2 seconds per move starting from the first move

 6−The rating will be done based on the sum of the points gained by each player. In case of tie positions between two or more players, a tie breaking system will be used to rate them as follows

a.       The Buchholz Cut 1
b.      The Buchholz Cut 2
c.      The Median Buchholz 1
d.      The Median Buchholz 2
e.      The Sum of Buchholz

 7−Cash prizes and certificates of honor will be awarded to the top players by Hamedan Chess Association.  They will be detailed in article No 11

Note:  There is a 10 % tax on cash prizes

 8−Entry Fees

Free for GMs, IMs and the players above 2400 rating

All others having following ratings need to pay the entry fees as detailed below

Rating                            Entry fee (IRR)

No rating                           1.500.000
Up to 2000                        1.200.000
2001-2100                        1.000.000
2101-2200                           800.000
2201-2300                           600.000
2301-2400                           400.000

For the players from Hamedan Province

Rating                            Entry fee (IRR)

No rating & Up to 2000       1.200.000

Entry Fees for Blitz

There is an entry of 15 USD for foreign players and 300,000 IRR for the rest of the players


Online registration will be available from August 6, 2015 to August 31, 2015 via Hamedan Chess Association website (The URL for online registration and payment will be subsequently announced).  Registration in person is possible on September 2, 2015 not later than 12:00 at the venue of tournament

Note: A travel expense grant of 200 USD is given to GM or IM foreigners.  The priority will be given to the earliest registration GMs or IMs. The selection of these GMs or IMs will be made by the organizing committee


The GMs will be provided with a free accommodation with 3 meals in rooms in a hotel

IMs will be provided with free lodging at a guest house (without meals)

Other players will be provided with rooms in a

-hotel, 500.000 IRR per night

-dormitory, private rooms, 300,000 IRR per night

-dormitory, shared rooms, 200,000 IRR per night

-The cost of three meals per day is 300,000 IRR, in case of being willing to eat at the venue

Note 1: More information about the details of the place of residence will be subsequently provided. Also, it would be possible to view the pictures of the rooms online

Note 2: Hamedan Chess Association is proud to announce that the parents of the chess players can also be accommodated according to the conditions mentioned above

Bank Account details of Hamedan Chess Association

1715493-33, Mellat Bank

0108171262008, Melli Bank

11−Cash Prizes

The prize fund will be awarded as follows

Rank                       (IRR) Iranian Rial

1st                             80.000,000
2nd                            60.000,000
3rd                            40.000,000
4th                            20.000,000
5th                            18.000,000
6th                            16.000,000
7th                            14.000,000
8th                            12.000,000
9th                            10.000,000
10th                            8.000,000

                        Special Prizes

Rank                                                             (IRR) Iranian Rial
Best 1900-2000 rated player                                6.000.000
Best 1800-1900 rated player                                5.000.000
Best 1700-1800 rated player                                4.000.000
Best player below 1700 rating                              3.000.000
Best Player from Hamedan Province                    5.000.000

Second best player from Hamedan Province         3.000.000

Third best player from Hamedan Province            2.000.000

Best female player                                                 4.000.000

Best female player from Hamedan Province           2.000.000

Best player with no rating                                       2.000.000

Second best player with no rating                            1.500.000

Best young player under 12                                     2.000.000

Best young player under 10                                    2.000.000

Best young player under 8                                      2.000.000

Note 1:  Players would not be awarded double prizes. In case of being eligible for double prizes, the player will only be awarded with the one which is of higher value.

Note 2: To be eligible for the games with age requirements, young chess players must meet the following age requirements:

Born on January 1st , 2003 & after that            12 and Under

Born on January 1st , 2005 & after that           10 and Under

Born on January 1st , 2007 & after that            8 and Under

Cash Prizes for Blitz

Rank                       (IRR) Iranian Rial

     1st                              10.000,000
2nd                              7.000,000
3rd                              5.000,000
4th                              3.000,000
5th                              2.000,000
6th                              1.000,000


           Date                                                                    Time

                                                      09:00  am                                            05.00 pm

September 2, 2015                   Arrival of Chess Players                  Opening Session, Round 1

September 3, 2015                        Round 2                                               Round 3

September 4, 2015                        Round 4                                             Blitz Games

September 5, 2015                        Round 5                                              Round 6

September 6, 2015                        Round 7                                     Recreational activities

September 7, 2015                        Round 8                                               Round 9

September 8, 2015                        Round 10                                        ——————–

September 9, 2015             Round 11, Closing Session

For more information, kindly contact Mr. Pour moslemi- Committee Executive (Mob: +98-9188119989)

Or Mr. Foroughi- Public Relations (Mob: +98-9126969754)

You can reach us through the following numbers:

Tel: +98-81-38244950

Fax: +98-81-38236400

پوستر 3

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